Semi-automatic Diecutting & Creasing Machine with Stripping Station



  • Hand Feeder

  • Effective in feeding real warp corrugated board, increase efficiency

  • Side guide to position the pile centre

  • Feeding lift pallet


  • Crank and worm gear, toggle drive system for the lower platen

  • Stationary high precision upper platen

  • Safety door and diechase safety locking system

  • High torque pneumatic clutch/brake for positive clutch on and reliable braking

  • Cutting pressure fine adjustment wheel with position indicate gauge

  • Overloading protection torque limit clutch

  • State-of-the-art 3 cam index gripper chain drive

  • Centerline system compatible to Center Line II, makes the cutting die and stripping die centred quickly

  • 5 pieces of gripper bar each with 23 spikes

  • Sheet arrival and departure check photo sensor

  • Left and right front lay locking blocks, separating and synchronizing adjustment available

  • Self-diagnostic trouble display

  • Digital speed display

  • Automatic recycling lubrication system with oil pressure gauge and oil pressure switch

  • Automatic main gripper drive chain lubrication


  • Centerline system (compatible to centerline II)

  • Motorized upper frame suspending hoister

  • Centerline system with a quick-lock pin on upper frame


  • High pile delivery system with auto pile lifter

  • Electronic batch counter

  • Spring loaded adjustable chain tension back buffering wheel to maintain the chain tension constant and smooth gripper bar movement


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