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Automatic Diecutting & Creasing Machines with Stripping Station and Lead Edge Feeder


FEEDER (lead edge feeder)

  • The combination of feeding technology of European die-cutting machine, along with lead edge feeding features of high-speed printing machine, newly designed lead edge feeder with precise feeding system, will provide more accurate and positive feeding than ever.

  • High-pressure vacuum blower with silencer and AC inverter control volume adjustment, vacuum suction area adjustable according to sheet size.

  • Rear jogger at the feeder in preparation for future in line with prefeeder in order to improve productivity and decrease labour cost (Optional).

  • Pneumatic side push guide plates (left and right sides);

  • Left and right-hand side guides with separating and synchronizing adjustment available. Inclined front guide plate with back and forth, up and down micro-adjustments to reduce the pressure on bottom sheet of the pile to ensure smooth feeding.

  • Sheet feeding grid height adjustable according to sheet quality and thickness for smooth and precise feeding.

  • Patent special differential sheet feeding curve ensures a gentle touch of the lead edge at front lay hence accurate register.

  • Left and right side push lay to ensure the accuracy of side register.

  • Feeding and sheet arrival timing synchronization adjustable while the machine is running.


  • Specially designed for die-cutting machines, this new worm gear and crank shaft mechanism drives the mobile lower platen through toggle mechanism more efficiently, reducing the main motor power by 16% and thus decreasing power consumption.

  • Newly designed mobile platen with optimized structural mechanics, more accurate and with minimal deformation under pressure, thus reducing the make-ready time.

  • Diecutting station safety door and pneumatic diechase safety locking system.

  • High torque pneumatic clutch/brake for positive clutch on and reliable braking, and special air inlet system to control the air volume for smooth machine start and stop.

  • Air cushion underneath the cutting plate for easy cutting plate in and out.

  • Motorized impression on/off and pressure adjustment with digital mobile platen position and tonnage display.

  • High-quality precision worm gear and toggle system.

  • Newly designed gripper bar driving index unit with large motion angle to allow gripper bar starts and stops gently, thus require less and smaller nicks, makes long-run jobs not easy to fall apart in order to achieve higher productivity.  It is also equipped with overloading protection torque limit clutch.

  • High quality, imported pre-stretched gripper bar driving chain.

  • Centerline system compatible to Center Line II, makes the cutting die and stripping die centred quickly and precisely.

  • 8 high-quality precision alloy gripper bars, each with 12 specially hardened grippers to ensure firm grab of the sheet at high speed.

  • Sheet arrival and departure check photo sensor connected with the overall stock monitoring system.

  • Left and right front lay locking blocks with individual adjustments.

  • Chain guide rail use VL compound to improve abrasive resistance and vibration resistance.

  • 10.4’ color touch screen operation panel gives total control of the machine and graphic display machine parameters, job setting, fault diagnosis and etc., more direct and operator-friendly.

  • Automatic force lubrication system recycles fluid and is equipped with oil pressure gauge and alarm.

  • Automatic independent main gripper drive chain lubrication.


  • Stationary middle stripping board coupled with special upper stripping frame movement curve in order to produce extra force at waste nipping point, ensuring clean waste stripping.

  • Gripper bar register finger at stripping outlet ensures the accuracy of stripping.

  • Centerline system for quick stripping die set up and change over, compatible with Centerline II.

  • Push-button of gripper opening is added for easy taking out the production sample at stripping section.

  • Motorized upper stripping frame increases the operation space, more operator friendly

  • Optional triple action stripping with lower stripping frame and spring-loaded pin for precision fine waste piece stripping.

  • Lead edge waste removal system removes and carries waste edge outside the machine.

  • Full stripping with/without lead edge waste stripping convertible by one button, no tool change, more operator friendly and safe operation.

  • Front edge waste stripping tool with a longer stroke and superior curve of motion ease the stripping action.

  • Gravity pull-type safety door for an easy and safe operator in and out.


  • Escalator delivery fork with non-stop air cylinder for neat and positive delivery and conveyor belt delivery table to protect the sheets from scratches.

  • The bundle delivery table can be prepared for future connection with breaker for in line operation (to be required at order) Optional.

  • Electrical batch counter.

  • Spring-loaded adjustable chain tension back buffering wheel to maintain the chain tension constantly and smooth gripper bar movements.

  • Mechanical cam-driven side joggers and shutter (banana bar), with motorized position adjustment, more accurate and suitable for multi-out die-cutting.

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