Automatic Flatbed Diecutting & Creasing Machine with Stripping & Blanking Station



  • Three pick up and four forward suck heads with angle adjustment to handle different kinds of materials.

  • Preloading device with rail cart and scaled gate.

  • Manually side adjustment of pallet table (+/- 40 mm).

  • Non-stop feeder with automatic pile lift.

  • Side blowers adjustable according to sheet size for smooth feeding, especially for smooth thin paper transport.


  • Sheet slow down device of feeder belts to assure accurate position of the sheet to the front lays (electro-pneumatically adjustable).

  • Synchronizing device to adjust the sheet positioning to the front lay by hand during production.

  • Covered with an anti-static stainless steel plate.

  • Feed table inlet equipped with lateral ramps.

  • Four individually adjustable front lays at the operation side of the machine.

  • Ultrasonic double sheet detector (without contact).

  • Sheet hold-down device (guiding the sheets to the front lays).

  • Upper frame with manual lifting device.

  • Pull and push convertible side lays ( OS and OOS ) with photo sensor sheet arrival control.


  • Precision worm gear crank toggle driving system to ensure smooth and dynamic lower platen movement.

  • Short stroke movable platen, driven by eccentric worm gear and toggle mechanism allows large motion angle hence minimum number and size of nicks at reasonable max. production speed.

  • Precision stationery upper platen.

  • State-of-art 3 cam index gripper bar drive system to ensure smooth and precise gripper bar intermittent movement.

  • Pneumatic clutch/brake for main drive system.

  • Motorized cutting force setting by push button.

  • Digital strain gauge die-cutting pressure tonnage display at HMI with adjustable pressure limit protection.

  • Eight high precision alloy gripper bar.

  • High-quality pre-stretched gripper bar drive chain.

  • Torque limit safety clutch to protect the index drive system in case of gripper bar crash.

  • Double cam-driven gripper opener and front lay swing frame without position restore spring for smooth and accurate sheet register and take off.

  • Pneumatic push-button die chase locking mechanism to ensure safe and operator-friendly changing of the die.

  • 5mm hardened cutting plate or 4+1mm sandwich plate (optional) on top of 15mm precision synthetic supporting plate with +/-0.9mm micro-adjustment for quick set up and make ready.

  • Automatic main chain greasing system.


  • Complete set of stripping tools with upper and lower stripping pins.

  • Centreline system for quick stripping die set up.

  • Integrated Quick Locking System.

  • Automatic quick locking device for the upper tool integrated into the machine.

  • Funnel for waste guidance.

  • Efficient and smooth cam running curve drives the stripping and blanking tooling with large motion angle to ensure clean and tiny stripping and blanking at speed.


  • Automatic binder sheet inserter with electrical sheet presence control.

  • Automatic selection of suction cups according to the sheet size.

  • Constant compression level system (NCT).

  • Continuous pile lowering while maintaining a constant height of the pile.

  • Automatic pallet changing device.

  • Automatic non-stop device.

  • Waste or skeleton removal apron.

  • Integrated Quick Locking System.

  • Upper blanking tool mounting frame can be pulled out for quick job set up and make ready.

  • Full sheet delivery can be achieved with die-cutting and stripping only, while blanking is not necessary.