Automatic Diecutting and Foil Stamping Machine



  • Patent turbo spiral air blower pressing foot at feeder head.

  • Four pick up and four forward suck heads with angle adjustment.

  • Preloading device with rail cart and scaled gate.

  • Inclined feed table for smooth thin paper transport at high speed.

  • Non-stop feeder with automatic pile lift.

  • Electrical double sheet control.

  • Pull and push convertible side lays ( OS and DS ) with photo sensor sheet arrival control.

  • Dual-mode blow/suck vacuum pump.

  • Sheet slow down device of feeder belts to assure an accurate position of the sheet to the front lays with selective on/off switch.

  • Feeding brush rollers and rubber rollers can be adjusted as a whole, thus improve efficiency.


  • Two servo motor (3.5KW) driven longitudinal foil advancing shafts each individually programmable for short and long foil stepping (3rd SHAFT OPTIONAL).

  • Tension roller and foil advancing rollers each driven by 3.5KW servo motors and controlled by New Cube System; new pressing roller on tension roller with easy pressure adjustment hence quick set up.

  • Foil control, such as foil advancing step combination setting, automatic efficient stepping combination calculation as well as motion stepping combination simulation and, hologram stamping is of the Group latest technology (New Cube) and provides reliable and precision foil advancing control.

  • Foil braking control.

  • Two pairs of waste foil ejection brush driven by 2KW servo motor controlled by New Cube for efficient waste foil rejection and keeping foil tension constant by synchronizing the waste foil pulling with foil advancing.

  • Three shafts waste foil rewinding unit below the waste foil ejection brush, AC motor drive with an inverter to control the speed and tension (OPTIONAL).

  • Longitudinal foil roll loading bracket can be pulled out and a new type of foil stamping rubber wheel is applied, easy for foil installation and adjustment of foil stamping device.


  • Precision worm gear crank toggle driving system to ensure smooth and dynamic lower platen movement.

  • Precision stationery upper platen.

  • Up and mobile platen are calculated by structure engineering to improve the strength and reduce the weight by better structure and higher quality casting.

  • Precision ground 15mm thickness insulation plate behind the heating base for optimize heating efficiency and maintaining the temperature constant.

  • Pneumatic push-button diechase locking mechanism to ensure safe and operator-friendly changing of the die.

  • Pneumatic clutch/brake for main drive system.

  • Servo motor drive automatic impression on/off.

  • Digital die-cutting pressure tonnage display with maximum pressure limit protection.

  • State-of-art 3 cam index gripper bar driving system to ensure smooth and precise gripper bar intermittent movement.

  • High-quality pre-stretched gripper bar driving chain.

  • Seven high precision alloy gripper bar.

  • Torque limit safety clutch to protect the index driving system in case of gripper bar crash.

  • Double cam-driven gripper opener and front lay swing frame without position restore spring for smooth and accurate sheet register and take off.

  • Self-diagnostic system with indication on a color LCD screen.

  • Heating base with 12 heating zone each temperature adjustable individually.

  • Heating base designed per the Group standard technical platform with precise and fast temperature tracking and compensating system in the New Cube for efficient and accurate temperature control.

  • Fast foil stamping starting speed without machine interim stop for waiting for impression on, subject to the set impression tonnage and machine speed.

  • 5mm hardened stamping plate or 3.5mm + 1.5mm sandwich stamping plate on top of 15mm precision ground supporting base plate with +/-0.9mm micro-adjustment in both running and cross direction for quick set up and easy make ready.

  • Digital strain gauge stamping pressure tonnage measuring system and displaying both the mobile platen position and pressure tonnage in color foil control screen for constant monitor and pressure adjustment convenience.


  • Automatic delivery with non-stop curtain. This curtain moves into the delivery to catch the arriving sheets during the pile exchange.

  • Tape inserter with counter. (optional)

  • Gripper bar drive chain tension adjustment.

  • Adjustable segmented press brush and sheet flattening blower ensure stable sheet piling.

  • PLC controlled automatic chain lubrication system.